how to prune an old overgrown apple tree

if you have a tree of apple. or you have many apple trees. So it is very important for you to know how to prune an old overgrown apple tree. because pruning is very important for tree or plant health.

In this article, we are sharing all the information with you by reference to Pruning.

how to prune an old overgrown apple tree

how to prune an overgrown apple tree

how to trim an apple tree

You have to cut and throw away all the dead branches of your apple tree. If any branch of your apple tree is suffering from any disease, then cut them too. That is, you have to cut all the bad branches.

Because that’s a bad branches provide a way for disease and for worms to breed in a tree. And it can cause diseases in the tree.

Cut off the branches that are crossing each other inside the over grown apple tree. and cut off the branches that block the sunlight.

Because sunlight is very important for any tree or plant,

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how to prune old apple trees

Pruning an old apple tree is more difficult than pruning a new tree.

If you have an old apple tree. Whose branches is mixed inside each other. because of which it does not bear fruit. So to maintain the health of your tree, its pruning is necessary.

pruning apple trees

Pruning apple tree is important to keep the health of the tree. By doing this, the number of fruits increases.

how to prune apple trees

  • For this there are simple steps which have to be followed.
  • You must have a branch cutter that is of good quality
  • Just clean your branch cutter with cleaner
  • Now cut off all the bed branches

trimming apple trees

Most people think of trimming and pruning is same thing, although both are different things.

When you are removing a sick branch from your apple tree, it is called pruning.

And when you cut the tree which are too big, it is called trimming.

pruning overgrown apple trees

To recover a good benefits from the Apple tree, it is necessary to pruning it once a year.

This pruning can be done in summer as well as in winter. This greatly benefits the help of apple tree and helps it to grow. Through this, fruits can be obtained in very high spirits.

So get ready to bear fruit in the coming year from your apple tree.