Calculating with Microsoft Edge: The Math Solver is integrated Right Now

Some time ago Microsoft released the “Math Solver”, a mobile app for Android and iOS that can be used to master complex arithmetic tasks. The technology behind it has now been integrated into other apps such as Bing, and it can also be used on the Bing homepage or as a separate web app .

When I read the headline of the announcement that the Math Solver will be integrated into Microsoft Edge, I thought at first “just don’t overdo it, please don’t overload the browser with all sorts of accessories”. I only thought that until I tried it, because it’s done pretty cool. The Math Solver is called via the Edge menu under “Additional Tools” and opens in the sidebar.

Then click on “Select math problem”, mark the task on the currently open website and the math solver calculates the solution. For my test, I had to choose a task where I was still able to check the correctness of the result myself.

Anyone who uses one of the three preview versions Beta, Developer or Canary from Microsoft Edge can already try out the built-in math genius. Since it is already in the beta version and this is the release candidate for Edge 91, which will be published this week, all other users will only have to wait a few days until it is generally available.

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