Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights

Having a light in your home or business is very important. No matter where you live, there will be times when it is dark outside. You might need to be outside to make repairs on your car, outside to walk your dog at night, or maybe you need to check on your home when you are on vacation. This blog will be covering the advantages of having a good solar light in your home or business.

The Creatif Ventures provides 20 powerful LEDs to form a 360-degree white light area. This is powered by an integrated Li-polymer battery with a life of up to 10 hours, when fully charged. The Creatif Ventures comes with a solar panel which can be used to charge the Li-polymer battery, eliminating the need to replace batteries. This lighs is made of aluminium alloy and ABS and is waterproof and also features a scratch protection.

Creatif Ventures Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights

Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights
Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights

With USPTO smart charging technology, this Solar Light turns on automatically when it senses darkness. 20 LEDs are designed to provide 150 lumens of lighting. This ensures that you are never in the dark again, even when it is pitch dark outside. It is also waterproof, which prevents damage due to inclement weather.


  • Solar power, no wires, no batteries, easy to install
  • Automatic motion sensor solar light
  • Environmental friendly, energy saving, long lifespan 45000h
  • Place the solar lights in a good location for charging, and make sure it can face the sun during the day.

Whether you are looking to create an outdoor space that lasts into the night or have a need for safety, the Creatif Ventures Solar Light is the perfect solution. It can be used to illuminate walkways, patios, decks, yards, pool areas, sheds, steps, garages, backyards, you name it. Considering buying many more because solar lights are so convenient.

Best and brightest solar lights you can find on the Internet. Very bright and easy to install. Simply * the light to a wall and charge it during the day and it lights up for up to 8 hours! No more wiring and electricity needed. They are also waterproof and operate in all weather conditions.

You can use them as a house or business security light, as a decorative light for your home, garden, pathway, driveway, yard, porch, gate, swimming pool area, gazebo, lawn, and even as a car or boat security light, or as a torch. Why pay for electricity and electrician’s services and additional major and minor expenses and household removals and dangerous work when you can use these lights and nothing else to light your way and keep your business and house safe and secure and keep your cash in your pocket?

These solar lights will turn your yard into a fairy tale and look like a million dollars! And the best part is that they are affordable and cost effective!

These lights are excellent for deck lighting and pathway lighting. They are solar powered and don’t need any wiring. The lights have a bigger solar panel and a bigger solar sensor so they have a longer runtime. They have a 1600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. They have a larger sensing angle so they can be used for a larger area.