Many new features have been added to the zoom, including live translation.

The Zoom video chat app has introduced a number of new features. The goal is to facilitate the millions of users in the hybrid work model.

The new features were announced at the annual Zoom Hat conference, which aims to provide millions of users with access to the hybrid work model.

These newly added features include translation and transception during zoom calls.

To this end, machine learning and natural language processing will be used in Zoom so that the language spoken on the call can be transcribed in real time, after which it can be translated into the native language of everyone involved. in the call. the call.

Zoom officials have clarified that this new feature will be available in beta in September and after that it will be available to all users till the end of 2021.

The list of languages ​​for this feature has not been finalized, but by the end of 2022 the company will offer 30 language options for transcription and 12 for translation.

A new feature is also added, a zoom whiteboard, a digital canvas that allows employees at home and in the office to stay in touch with each other.

Depending on the company, users will be able to write on a digital whiteboard from a desktop or tablet.

Another new feature is the “Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery”, which allows you to use multiple camera feeds for office meetings etc.

The company also intends to add a zoom widget.

Some of these new features, like Smart Gallery Zoom, will be available for free to users, but others, like the translation service, will have to pay extra, but the amount has not yet been announced.