GoDaddy shuts down abortion whistleblower website for right to life in Texas

In case you haven’t heard, Texas now has a law banning anyone from helping women get abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and to take advantage of that, the pro-life group Texas Right to Life is encouraging citizens to report these individuals on a special “whistleblower” website, which promises to “ensure that these criminals are held accountable for their actions.”

However, it now appears that Texas Right to Life is struggling to maintain a home on the web, as hosting provider GoDaddy has given the group 24 hours to find another place to park their website. “We notified that they have 24 hours to switch providers for violating our terms of service,” a spokesperson told The New York Times.

GoDaddy did not immediately respond to a request for comment as to whether this applies to other parts of the group, or what terms of service the site has violated, but this is likely the part where the company does not allow anyone to “collect or collect . ” personal information. information “about any other user or any other person or entity without their prior express written consent.”

The anti-abortion group’s website has been under fire for days, with angry protesters showering it with false advice, including at least one false claim that Texas Governor Greg Abbott himself broke the law, the NYT said. A TikTok activist has even created a script that can automatically post fake reports into the website’s suggestion box, as Motherboard reported yesterday. He told the NYT that the automated tools he created received more than 15,000 clicks.

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But on Wednesday, Shoshana Wodinsky of Gizmodo suggested another form of protest for activists: denouncing Texas’ right to life and complaining to GoDaddy about what he was doing. This is what seems to have happened.

This isn’t the first time web hosts or even GoDaddy have played this role: had to find a new home in October 2018, and GoDaddy pulled from white nationalist Richard Spencer in May. GoDaddy also gave neo-Nazi news site Daily Stormer 24 hours to find a new home in August 2017, and it eventually migrated to the dark web. However, Gab was able to return and Texas Right to Life could also find a solution.