About War of Words

Clean_cutI’m a California resident initially alarmed into this… this…activism of words by the outrages of the California Supreme Court and the failure of anyone in the media to seriously address key issues honestly.

Mass media’s continuing failure to make plain obviously missing details from political discussions has also worsened over time, leading to yet more of my word blusters. Finally,  taking crowbars to the clusters of empty intellectual tombs that litter our cultural landscape has led me to believe that many defects in modern America arise from failures in higher education. I’m aiming to straighten some of this out.

I’ve been in public education for a while, and have more of an interest in anonymity as the tone of our national discussion worsens and the intrusive character of our government increases.

Human logic is only the audible expression of Divine logic. The War of Words is not an issue of logic but of rocks.

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