Obama Use of Force Request Protects ISIS

As of May 23, as of the fall of Ramadi, the President of the United States and the Liberals of his party are hiding from the responsibility the United States has to their allies in the Middle East. This they do by attempting to claim that the GOP is holding up the United States’ response by failing to give Obama his requested Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

This is all absurd, bizarre theater for the consumption of an easily manipulated American media. The truth is that Obama’s request for an authorization of the use of force against the Islamic State is actually pledge to protect ISIS.

On February 11th President Obama formally asked congress for a three-year authorization for the use of force against ISIS. This AUMF actually a deauthorizes his ability to use military force in the fight against terrorism.

President Obama has already said he has no need of further authorization to continue the air offensive against ISIS epaor to fight terrorism and terrorist organizations. The President has already been granted wide ranging executive power to fight terrorism by way of the virtual carte blanche congress granted former President Bush over a decade ago. But, apparently, ISIS is now classified by the EPA as an endangered species of some sort, for, instead of using the force he is already authorized to use, Obama’s proposed legislation would do away with the Bush Authorization of Military Force.

Were the GOP Senate and House of Representatives to “grant” this new authorization of force, the new AUMF would supersede the old. Because the new authorization virtually forbids the use of boots on the ground, President Obama would no longer have the authority to launch an extended ground campaign against ISIS. The President is asking the Republican run congress to handcuff him, so that he speciescannot be forced by the American public opinion to launch a once and for all war of annihilation against the radical terrorist state.

ABC news claims that it is “ironic” that Obama has relied on the 2002 Bush Authorization for the Use of Military Force since he has said he is in favor of limiting and then repealing this AUMF.  What is truly ironic is that Obama is endeavoring to limit and then repeal the 2002 AUMF under the guise of requesting authority to defeat ISIS. That’s the opposite of what anyone expects. It’s deceitful, Orwellian, and worthy of a tyrant. The American people support the President’s request for authorization by 54% precisely because they don’t understand that the President is asking to limit his authority, not increase it. It is doubly ironic that the President has chosen this historic moment, a moment in which the clear and present danger of Islamic terrorism is far more obvious than it was leading up to 9-11-2001,  to seek to limit America’s authority to defend itself. The President of the United States’ request for an authorization of military force is a Trojan horse. It is really a Pledge of Protection for the Islamic State.

Whyisismark does the president need a set of handcuffs to protect him against a surge of public opinion suddenly in favor of a massive military operation in the fragile Middle East? Perhaps he realizes as much as the rest of us how precarious the safety of the United States is in the midst of this administration’s catastrophic foreign policy.

UPDATE 2/15/15

Senator John McCain, vocal proponent of the President Bush’s Iraq surge strategy, widely credited with winning the war in Anbar province, said Sunday that congress should not limit the president by tying his hands in accordance with President Obama’s own authorization of the use of military force agreement.

UPDATE 2/14/15

Orin Hatch and even some Democrats agree that Obama is not asking for more force. He’s doing the orrin-hatch-ap-640x480opposite. He’s tying not only his own hands but those of a future president.

UPDATE 5/23/2015

This is the week that witnessed the fall of Ramadi in large part due directly to the failure of the President’s limited use of air support. During this week’s discussion of a serious revision of Middle Eastern policy, Speaker Bohner’s commented that the President’s request for the AUMF is so useless that the president ought to rescind it. The comments arose because the President’s Liberal allies are, of all things, trying to use this pathetic excuse to duck President Obama’s complete foreign policy failure.  Starring in the charade, Representative Pelosi took the Orwellian position that Congress needed to act on a use of force agreement because of the fall of Ramadi. It’s an utterly absurd position, beyond laughable because it suggests that medication may be necessary. The President can act on the military suggestions of the generals at any time with the complete legal support of the congress. Pelosi’s comments are right up there next to President Obama’s suggestion that global warming led to the rioting of the Arab Spring in Syria.

Yes, the Liberals are very, very desperate to have rationale this weak, but will the American media call them on it? Not a chance.

Once again: “The fight could be extended to any ‘closely related successor entity’ to the Islamic State extremists, but the measure does not authorize large-scale ground operations.” The current AUMF allows the expansion of operations to fight terrorism wherever terrorist bases arise and places no qualifications on the use of ground troops. Obviously, Pelosi and her Liberal allies seek to deflect criticism of the President who has every legal resource to do what is ethically required to end the reign of terror, the genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place under ISIS.