Delta Force Raid Blows Holes in Obama’s ‘Stand Down’ Policy on ISIS

The Delta Force raid on ISIS blows holes in America’s ‘stand down’ policy on ISIS. Why hasn’t the United States run more operations like this? Imagine how much evil could have been stopped.

black hawkCouldn’t we have saved the Ethiopian Christians in Libya? Surely we could have stopped the murder of Christians in Syria and Christians and Christian children in Iraq. And what of the Yazidis and the women used as sex slaves, or the priceless historic artifacts destroyed by these “Islamic idealists.”

Before the Delta Force raid, it was reasonable to assume that perhaps ISIS was so effectively dug in that the cost of doing the American thing would be prohibitive. That assumption can now be laid to rest. We can do more. We have done more. We must do more.

At the very least, we could have saved Ramadi and kept more U.S. weapons from falling into enemy hands. At Ain al-Asad air base air base, just 70 miles northwest, are 300 marines that t313754_img650x420_img650x420_crophe Islamic State is avoiding like the plague. Once the Isalmists accidentally discovered the overwhelming firepower at the air base last February, their offensive veered swiftly to the south. When your enemy runs, chase him! Why haven’t we let those marines loose!

If we could stop ISIS and do not, to the extent that they are using United States arms, captured or supplied, to the extent that our national incompetence opened the door for this scourge, we are bear responsibility for the innocent lives brutalized by the Islamic State’s crimes against humanity. All together there are over 3,000 United States troops on the ground in Iraq. Surely, we could have done more to avert this continuing human tragedy. Why isn’t the United States doing anything?

Some GOP voices, perhaps intimidated by the American media’s disdain for “boots on the ground,” don’t dare call for ground forces. Instead, they feel like hawks asking for more airstrikes even as strikes during the 24 hours before Ramadi fell were A displaced Yazidi Iraqi carries his daughter as they cross the Syrian border at to twelve sorties. No air campaign in history has ever been run this way. Why have we been holding back even on critical air support?

The answer to this precedent setting waste of air power is straight forward enough. “General” Susan Rice and President Obama are running the air campaign personally. No black helicopters there. How does anyone hate America so much that he or she rejects our traditional role of taking down tyrants and rescuing the innocents?

black hawk3Perhaps all along ISIS really has been “the junior varsity.” After all, they’ve only defeated Iraqi troops, troops who are often composed of Shiites depending on Sunnis to watch their back in a Sunni land being overrun by Sunni radicals. When the Kurds got involved, they won. Even the Iranian mercenaries, fully Shia, are able to drive off the ISIS fighters. How many of these Islamic State fighters are really, after all, just weekend Internet warriors? Sure, they’re sick brutality makes them dangerous enough when up against unarmed French policemen and abandoned civilian populations, but can they actually fight a real army? The magnificent success of the American Delta Force, demands we find out.

Three Hundred Marines Stand Against a Persian Army

Three hundred marines stand against a Persian army. Like those original Spartans, if they aren’t airportbetrayed, they will win.

Those first marines from Sparta died to the last man for a divided Greek world because it was their duty. They changed the history of Western Civilization.

Today three hundred marines, surrounded by mad Muslim suicide bombers, hailing from what was once called Persia, have put their lives on the line because it’s their duty. According to Olie North, today’s brave three hundred have the enemy just where they want them. Truthfully, with the correct support, Olie is probably right. The entire army of ISIS has no chance against three hundred properly supplied US marines. History is just waiting to be written.

According to legend, the original brave 300 would have stopped Xerxes if they had not been betrayed by one Ephialtes, the son of Eurydemus, a man of Malis.Map-of-persia-2

Sadly, though, because of Mogadishu, and then Benghazi, and because of the recent shocking snub of Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, no one can assume that these marines will receive the ammunition, air support, or supplies they need.

In a final committed act of heroism, the betrayed 300 of Thermopylae died to a man and unified Greece. The high tide of Persian arms receded before the resolute West. This is not how history should be repeated. Indeed, it is not how history can be repeated. If the United States allows its internal enemies to betray these 300 Marines, it is because we are weak, cowardly, and decadent to the core of our national consciousness. That’s a history we need not see written.

Should our President go golfing or to a Vegas fund raiser this time, our military, as a unified force, had better well follow thewoods example of Tyron Woods, no matter what the personal cost. They better not stand down this time.

America would do better to fear lawless obedience to treacherous orders than the military’s courage to do what it knows to be its duty. America does not need to fear its Pattons and McCarthys any more than it needed to fear that General Washington would make himself a king. Those men were patriots.  On the other hand, America would do well to note the rise of those like Ephialtes: Benedict Arnolds, generals, and leaders who bow before foreign powers.

Update February 17, 2015

Former Navy SEAL and author of Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell tells Fox and Friends that 300 Marines are enough to retake Iraq and rid the world of ISIS. No argument here.

Update May 6, 2015

Marcus was not specifically saying that he meant the 300 marines at Ain al-Asad were the ones that would take out ISIS. He meant any 300 marines. In context, Marcus was speaking of a private military company of about 300 that he could organize to do the job:

no i didn’t say that…i said i could put together an Army of PMC’s to take out ISIS

Update March 1, 2015

Fighting continues around al-Bagdadi, the small strategic city about 10 miles east of the Ain al-Asad air base. The town itself is surrounded, but air strikes and local troops continue to contest the city itself.

Update April 17, 2015

As Islamic State radicals attacked, thousands fled Ramadi, a larger city about 70 miles southeast of the Ain al-Asad air base. There are currently no plans to remove the hundreds of marines stationed there. Ramadi itself has become a ghost town.