A Tyranny of Judicial Madness Continues to Savage Religion in the Name of Liberty

Recently, the Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruled that a statue of the Ten Commandments on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was contrary to the Oklahoma Constitution because, the court held, the Ten Commandments jack-nicholson-the-shiningbenefited a religion. Which religion  benefited from the monument is apparently a somewhat abstract concept to the Oklahoma court. Nevertheless, even though the monument doesn’t benefit any certain religion, it must be damned because it is part of Jewish and Christian traditions. Logic is blind to its assumptions. In Oklahoma and across America insane assumptions about religion have led to a judicial tyranny that history will characterize as madness.

Simply, a faith is not necessarily a religion. One may have a faith in a Just and Orderly Creator and seek Him by way of a variety of religions. One may even believe in the Christian Messiah and seek him in by way of variety of Christian denominations. Indeed, this last scenario was the one that the founding fathers were most concerned about. The great variety of Christian faiths that arose after the Protestant Reformation were welcomed without governmental judgment in the New World. Jefferson sheathed the sword first wielded among Christians by Constantine the Great.

A lie believed is a tyranny of the soul. A lie enforced by a government is grounds for its abolition. Legislators in Oklahoma are calling for the impeachment of all seven justices who can’t see beyond their highly elevated noses. That’s not enough. The Oklahoma legislators are also calling for judicial reformation, a reformation that bars the state bar from monopolizing judicial appointments. That might go far enough, but it’s still an open question. Attorney General Scott Pruitt spent far too much time emphasizing that the monument was historical in nature.

Arguing that the Ten Commandments are of historic importance to our legal system, a systemTen-Commandments-statue-JPG that has now ‘evolved,’ is simply inadequate to reformation. Tell the truth: the monuments to the Ten Commandments are a symbol of our common faith that a Just God rules; that from Him all justice proceeds and before Him all our human justice will be judged. This is not a religion. Catholicism is a religion. Classical Reform Judaism is a religion.

For a century, Americans and their justices have been fed on the fat of the lie that governments can exist without a soul and, like the dust beneath our feet, continue objectively on. It’s just not true. If our government loses its soul, its humanity, we, as a nation, lose ours. Every key idea from how the value of humanity contrasts with the animal kingdom, to the meaning of nature’s voice in the relationship between the genders in marriage requires a primary axiom for logical conclusions to foster laws. All of these matters require and depend on a faith that a just Creator, the God of Nature, is out there somewhere. This is not a religion. When it concerns matters of jurisprudence, it’s a philosophy. The founders called their version of this philosophy Deism.

The Deism of some of the founders was an Enlightenment view of the Divine Right of the individual and of the Creator’s limits on the rights of collective society, of government. When this faith or belief that a Just Creator is ‘out there somewhere’ changes into a belief about how people should seek Him, the faith can be named religious. Otherwise, a faith that a Just Creator reigns is the philosophic foundation for the panoply of all religions. (When Deism moves from its rational, philosophic, intelligent design ideas to worship of some sort, it, too, can be called religious; however, it is generally too disorganized to make it as a formal religion.)

For instance, apparently, the highly intelligent and well-educated Oklahoma justices ignored the claim Islam makes on the Ten Commandments. The claim is somewhat tenuous and is perhaps made by some for less than forthright TJFlag-ForceCannotDisjoinreasons, but, because of the claim on the commandments made by others in Islam, it can be fairly argued that also among Muslims, the role of the Creator as a lawgiver, One Who governs in the affairs of all people, is understood.

Apparently, a satanic church, in the firm belief that equality of outcomes is the same thing as justice, petitioned to have an idol placed along side the monument to the Ten Commandments. That idol is a summons to worship while the Ten Commandments forbid anyone from worshiping any stone monument. Hence, as a summons to worship, it does profit a religious viewpoint. Most importantly, a free people dedicated to laws and justice has no need to give equal time to a self-proclaimed god of lawlessness and evil.

Likewise, a Hindu group also wanted to place a symbol of its worship on the capitol’s grounds. If that symbol is not a call to worship, and if it is a symbol of the belief that a Creator somewhere rules and gives laws to people, put it to a vote. The Ten Commandments are genuinely elegant in appearance, eloquent in letter, and inspiring in content. Those are plenty of reasons for the electorate to favor one monument and not another. In any case, put it to the public, not to un-elected, poorly educated, elitist, shriveled heads with gavels for brains.

To make a long story short: A Hindu, a satanist, and an American walked before the bar. None got justice, but they all heard the insane laughter of evil men howling as they butchered a free nation.

Delta Force Raid Blows Holes in Obama’s ‘Stand Down’ Policy on ISIS

The Delta Force raid on ISIS blows holes in America’s ‘stand down’ policy on ISIS. Why hasn’t the United States run more operations like this? Imagine how much evil could have been stopped.

black hawkCouldn’t we have saved the Ethiopian Christians in Libya? Surely we could have stopped the murder of Christians in Syria and Christians and Christian children in Iraq. And what of the Yazidis and the women used as sex slaves, or the priceless historic artifacts destroyed by these “Islamic idealists.”

Before the Delta Force raid, it was reasonable to assume that perhaps ISIS was so effectively dug in that the cost of doing the American thing would be prohibitive. That assumption can now be laid to rest. We can do more. We have done more. We must do more.

At the very least, we could have saved Ramadi and kept more U.S. weapons from falling into enemy hands. At Ain al-Asad air base air base, just 70 miles northwest, are 300 marines that t313754_img650x420_img650x420_crophe Islamic State is avoiding like the plague. Once the Isalmists accidentally discovered the overwhelming firepower at the air base last February, their offensive veered swiftly to the south. When your enemy runs, chase him! Why haven’t we let those marines loose!

If we could stop ISIS and do not, to the extent that they are using United States arms, captured or supplied, to the extent that our national incompetence opened the door for this scourge, we are bear responsibility for the innocent lives brutalized by the Islamic State’s crimes against humanity. All together there are over 3,000 United States troops on the ground in Iraq. Surely, we could have done more to avert this continuing human tragedy. Why isn’t the United States doing anything?

Some GOP voices, perhaps intimidated by the American media’s disdain for “boots on the ground,” don’t dare call for ground forces. Instead, they feel like hawks asking for more airstrikes even as strikes during the 24 hours before Ramadi fell were A displaced Yazidi Iraqi carries his daughter as they cross the Syrian border at Fishkhabour.limited to twelve sorties. No air campaign in history has ever been run this way. Why have we been holding back even on critical air support?

The answer to this precedent setting waste of air power is straight forward enough. “General” Susan Rice and President Obama are running the air campaign personally. No black helicopters there. How does anyone hate America so much that he or she rejects our traditional role of taking down tyrants and rescuing the innocents?

black hawk3Perhaps all along ISIS really has been “the junior varsity.” After all, they’ve only defeated Iraqi troops, troops who are often composed of Shiites depending on Sunnis to watch their back in a Sunni land being overrun by Sunni radicals. When the Kurds got involved, they won. Even the Iranian mercenaries, fully Shia, are able to drive off the ISIS fighters. How many of these Islamic State fighters are really, after all, just weekend Internet warriors? Sure, they’re sick brutality makes them dangerous enough when up against unarmed French policemen and abandoned civilian populations, but can they actually fight a real army? The magnificent success of the American Delta Force, demands we find out.

The Rise of the Lawless Tyrant

The pathway of Tyranny in developed nations is so well-worn that little children can trace the steps. Defeat laws with lies designed for the simple. Ridicule the law abiding with shameless defamation. Never apologize.

President Obama has not “circumvented” congress with his 2012 “executive” amnesty order; he defied congress. Worse, while his economic ideas are so incompetent that one suspects sabotage, Obama’s order is crafty. Can the American votestalinrs tell the difference between an immigration reform plan many want and a reckless abuse of power? Can congress find adequate measures to reign in the executive branch and hold it accountable?

There are a couple of responses that congress might make. The first should be a national voter ID requirement. The second should be a resolution of censure, censuring the Obama administration for issuing illegal orders and taking unconstitutional actions.

The resolution of censure might include a sermon such as this: “Free markets harnesses self-interest through the rule of law. Without the rule of law, liberty, prosperity, and, ultimately, peace must fail. There cannot be limited government without the rule of law. There cannot be private property without the rule of law. The president must be censured as the open enemy of law and, by consequence, American liberty!”

The rights of property form the locus of all civil law. To extinguish the rights of property and to take what is left of our property, the rule of law must also be extinguished. This is the aim of every Marxist. What remains is tyranny, totalitarianism, and dictatorship. Caesars and Napoleons arise as common law is vanquished beneath the unbridlcastroed self-interest of the “strong.” The bait in the tyrant’s bait and switch scheme is always powerful and always a lie. For example, Obama’s dictatorial order may result is a fine policy for some of the children of illegal immigrants who have lost their native lands because of their thoughtless parents and the failure of America to enforce their own laws. The result for these children, under these circumstances will be a lie. Their new home will be no better than the lands their parents fled! This too will be a land devoid of law, of liberty, and, ultimately, prosperity.

To undermine the American way of life, tyrants must vanquish the rule of law, the heart of American liberty. This administration has purposely done just that. It has:

  • made recess appointments when congress was not in recess.
  • engaged in hostile acts of war without the consent or consultation of congress, a consent it could have received.
  • obamarefused to enforce our election laws by ignoring voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Movement.
  • resisted the laws of the several states that require a simple voter identification before offering a ballot; thereby, clearly inviting illegal immigrants to vote.
  • used the courts to retard the use of fossil fuels in a manner consistent with International Treaties the senate has refused to authorize.
  • shown contempt for the constitutional congressional oversight of federal agencies whose incompetence has cost American and Mexican lives.
  • unlawfully prosecuted states that have initiated laws that require the executive branch to enforce the will of congresses past and present, and, in so doing, has acted in direct contradiction of the will of past and present congresses.
  • begun to demand that private corporations bidding for government contracts reveal, under pain of perjury, their private political contributions.
  • prepared to use taxpayer funding for partisan propaganda on policy issues without the consent of congress.
  • forbidden private insurance companies from informing private customers about the affect of the “Affordable” Care Act on insurance premiums.
  • potentially committed high treason by leaking sensitive top secret information about current security operations.
  • openly announced it’s abdication of executive responsibility to effectively defend the will of the people in our courts.

But the executive branch is not alone in its egregious lawless appropriation of power. It couldn’t be. What about thehitler Harry Reid Senate that has, for years, knowingly abdicated its responsibility to pass a budget so that its immeasurable deficit spending can go on as secretly as possible? The congressional Democrats have been and continue to stand and cheer for the lawless White House that swears to circumvent their own constitutional authority. Only the 2014 elections offer any glimmer of hope that half our nation has not become a pig sty of corrupt, lawless, thuggery.

The congressional enemies of law are not alone in their arrogance. They are confirmed in their vile drunken acts of treachery by our lawless federal courts. Starting in California the federal courts have made a joke of the will of the people regarding the sacred heritage of their right to marry.* What about the lawless Federal Reserve Banks that steal the retirement funds of the elderly by “easing” lending rates making interest on savings and basic bond accounts yield less than the rate of inflation?

In a lawless environment, only partisanship matters. Then the only partisan that matters is oneself: envy, hate, personal riches, and limitless power become the law, and the American way of life is vanquished. From this tyranny arises, and we are Israel in Egypt.

mosesThe rule of law is bi-partisan. No matter what one’s point of view, every American has a stake in personal honesty. You laugh? It’s been gone so long, you say, that no one even knows what the rule of law looks like? You may be right. Our current lawless political realities didn’t happen overnight, but perhaps it can change in a season. May a leader  with dawn in his eyes and with the wind of the Truth at his back arise. It’s happened before. It can happen again.

*This sounds backwards, but consider this example: If the courts redefined free speech as taxation, the right to free speech would be gone. Perhaps, a government court might argue that all citizens have a right to free speech and therefore, as citizens, the obligation to pay taxes. Anyone who did not meet the obligation of taxation would not have the right to free speech. The same holds true of marriage. If a marriage is no longer a marriage, that is, if a marriage is no longer a contract based on a biological union, then the historic right to marry has been abolished (see previous article: “California Supreme Justice: The word ‘marriage’ not important to the ‘right to marry.’)