Sacking RINO Strongholds: How to Recapture the Republican Party



The first step in taking America back is for Conservatives to retake the Republican Party. Many in top GOP leadership positions have basically left the Republican Party. This is so widely understood that an acronym for the phenomenon, RINO, (Republican in Name Only) is used without blinking by conservatives. Now, don’t expect to hear “RINO” mentioned by any televised political pundits, not even those of Fox News, and no debate moderator, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat or “Republican” would even dare utter the term, but it is, nevertheless, linguistic and cultural evidence that the leadership of the Republican Party has, in practice, left the building. Franklin Graham’s solution is to leave the party to the RINOs and start anew. Reverend Graham’s deeply held principles leave him little choice, but if there is another way, it is in a strategy for Conservatives to retake the GOP.

Conservatives may be closer to success than some believe. For instance, how close is Jeb Bush to refusing to back Donald Trump? And, if Jeb did leave the party, taking his iconic family name with him, would it really matter? Trump, if he is sincere in his religious beliefs, may be praying even now that Bush does leave the GOP in a huff. A huge number of Americans of every political persuasion would finally realize that Trump trumpwas his own man. They might actually start listening to some of his Conservative ideas.

So what is it about the Trump campaign that has brought conservatives so far through the barred gates of the establishment? What is it about his assault on the status quo that has left the main stream media trembling at their stations on the wall, bereft of power and out of ammunition? Why has the media’s burning oil and Greek fire hurt only themselves? What can conservatives learn from Trump?

Trump’s success isn’t because of the novelty of his ideas. Indeed, Trump’s ideas are decidedly unremarkable. That is, he holds the same ideas and values the vast majority of Americans hold. What makes Trump a success is his willingness to be a rebel, an outcast for the sake of the American idea. There are the paid, cash only, professional protesters who riot for Marxism. That’s different. Trump, like our founding fathers, like Newt Gingrich, like Rand and Ron Paul, like the insurgents of the Tea Party, like Joe the Plumber and Sheriff Joe, is a rebel in the arena of ideas.

This is not to say that Trump’s tactics in expressing American ideas and values are not new. Consider his decision to announce a plan to ban all Muslim immigration into the United States. Bush III immediately went ballistic. He called the Donald’s plan “insane” and contrary to American values. Jeb and those who seconded him were exposed. There is very little un-American about a pause in Muslim immigration and the theory that it is unconstitutional is very much open to debate. Trump, with this plank, shattered the wrought iron door of the GOP establishment, and they exposed their backers… I mean backs. The GOP establishment are globalists. With the E.U. they want “borderless nations.” It’s a failed European socialist ideal, but that is the establishment’s deeply held and once secret position.

Likewise, consider Trump’s (and others’) announced willingness to work with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on Syria. Again, the RINOs went crazy, calling Putin names and threatening to shoot down Russian planes as they mindlessly putinwalked into the debater’s trap of arguing a hypothetical no-fly zone. The GOP establishment’s representatives became volatile as they indirectly supported Turkey’s attack on Russia’s jet. America’s interests and Russia’s are now far closer than they’ve been in a century, but who is still afraid of Russia? Who sees Russia as an economic enemy? That’s right, the European Union. It is important to recognize that both of these European ideas are also supported by the Liberals and the American mass media bosses. This is central in Trump’s attacks on the RINO Republican strongholds: he identifies the positions they share with the Liberals and he exposes those positions. Even more, Trump expects the vitriol he’ll experience when he exposes those positions and uses it to further expose his RINO opponents.

The secret of Trump’s strateil_fullxfull.352538162_hlligic success is bold honesty. If conservatives are honest but afraid, they’ll lose. Trump never apologizes. He only counterattacks. He meets ad hominem attacks with more intense ad hominem attacks. A close inspection of Trump’s responses shows that he enters the fray with eyes wide open. He knows he’ll be attacked mercilessly from every front. Nevertheless, he goes in, and he goes in prepared. Franklin Graham is thinking of getting pastors and ministers to run for office because America needs honest men and women. We need boldly honest people in office, not just honest ones.

There are still significant holes in Trump’s positions. What are his plans for Planned Parenthood? What is his position on religious freedom? Does he envision other reforms? But for now, Trump proudly bears the marks of an honest man, and these are the marks conservatives must look for in their candidates. The marks of Trump’s honesty are his willingness to take abuse and hatred, his willingness to be cast out of “polite” society, to have his reputation excoriated, his family ridiculed, and his businesses attacked. Conservatives may not agree on every detail, but conservatives need boldly honest men and women, people who will choose to bear the marks of those who are profoundly rebellious in the arena of ideas.