End the Iran Agreement by Killing the Virtual Filibuster

With the Iranian Nuclear “treaty-not treaty- agreement” on the table, the voice of the American people as expressed kerry bowsin their legislative houses will be utterly muted. Why? Because an antiquated tool of the D.C. establishment has, again, slit the throat of the people’s voice. The Democrats will filibuster, and not in the old style manner of Cruz or Paul, but in the anonymous, effortless, no-commitment style of the 1960’s push-button filibuster, a style of filibuster actually enacted under an LBJ Democratically controlled congress in 1975. To pass the legislation that censors the Iranian nuclear agreement, conservatives and constitutionalists should kill the virtual filibuster and bid it good riddance forever.

The hour of action on killing this irresponsible filibuster has long passed. Because the push-button filibuster hides senate votes, it has allowed cowards to control our foreign policy and elite insiders to control our budgets. Today, not only will the cowards seek to appease Iran instead of stand, the cowards in the Senate will avoid a vote entirely, keeping their base acts from seeing the light of day.

The elitist Senate, since the August recess, has surprised the nation by displaying a noblesse oblige, hinting that they were, perhaps, inclined to independent thought after all. There was such a dramatic change from the usual snore and pull-for-party attitude that all America wondered. For a second, everyone actually thought that Senators were going to deliberate, a phenomenon not seen since befo1153re Watergate. For a glorious moment it appeared that the eloquent and noble minded Senate was planning to put what each senator deduced to be the best for the nation ahead of his or her own political faction. Yea, right…

This week, a per usual, as liberals returned to the city of their corruption, far from their families, their natural interests, and their constituencies, they reverted to kind. Marching in lock-step they now plan quash the vote of the Senate and House majority. They will simply silence it, for a vote condemning the oil-rich, Russian-led, Iran appeasement bill simply cannot be condoned. The liberal Senate silence us via the safe, censorship-proof tool of the “virtual” filibuster.

Since the Civil War, factional battle lines have never been so hardened. Into this climate of faction, enter mullahthe overreaching executive, the tyrannical courts, and a filibuster that effectively shuts the mouths of the American people. There is nothing good about any of this and, essentially, because of the 1975 cloture rules, the congress has become a dead letter institution allowing the other branches to become overgrown and hideous. End the “virtual” filibuster now.

As much as one wanted to suspend disbelief and be surprised that, after all their grandstanding, liberals went forward in lock-step unity, it is even harder to be surprised that the do-nothing GOP establishment chain of fools did not procure a simple up or down vote when this entire matter came up last spring. The GOP leadership, in fact every member of both houses, knew this would happen. They knew no vote on the most blatantly weak foreign policy ever initiated by an United States president would not even receivea Senate vote. Yes, they knew it. Yet they marched harmoniously together in a show of bi-partisanship. Why? Only those privy to cloak room agreements know for sure, but it is certain that, even if the GOP leadership really had a wit of sense, no deal with a straight up or down vote would have made it through the current Senate cloture process.

One senator, a Senator Murphy of Connecticut, claims that a veto fight would embarrass the country. This is proof that the cloture procedure has become a cloak of cowardice, censorship, and tyranny, for Palin-Rallies-Tea-Partiers-AP-Photo-640x480while a veto fight takes fewer votes than a cloture fight the liberals want no part of it. The liberals have no desire that the voice of the people is heard by their directly elected representatives.

A veto fight is the constitutional way the executive and legislative branches are to engage. The founders never envisioned the current fights over cloture as part of the legislative process. The modernized, no-commitment, liberal cloture, the push-button filibuster, is the way of the shiftless, corrupt, and irresponsible. The vermin are hiding in its darkness. Before whom does Senator Murphy fear embarrassment? Would he be embarrassed before Russia? How about Iran? Maybe he’s afraid of the mocking words of the Chinese? Are Murphy and the President afraid to defend the constitutional processes of a free people before the dictators and tyrants of this world? The push button filibuster is the way of cowards. It is time to end it once and for all and ending it to yell at the top of our lungs about the evil before us in Iran would be a lasting and profound historical statement.