The Iran Agreement: Why the Virtual Filibuster Must Die

When the Iranian Nuclear “treaty-not treaty- agreement” was on the table, the voice of the American people as expressed kerry bowsin their legislative houses was utterly muted. Why? Because an antiquated tool of the D.C. establishment, again, slit the throat of the people’s voice. The Democrats filibustered conservative resolutions condemning the absurd actions of a rogue executive branch.

That filibuster, though, was not in the old style manner of used by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. It was the anonymous, effortless, no-commitment style of the 1960’s push-button filibuster, a style of filibuster actually enacted under an LBJ Democratically controlled congress in 1975. To pass the legislation that censored the Iranian nuclear agreement, conservatives and constitutionalists should have killed the virtual filibuster and bid it good riddance forever, but they didn’t. Why not? It’s an elitist institution that contravenes the constitution by centralizing power in the hands of the few.

The time to kill this irresponsible filibuster has long passed. Because the push-button filibuster hides senate votes, it has allowed cowards to control our foreign policy and elite insiders to control our budgets.  Not only did cowards in the State Department seek to appease Iran instead of stand, the cowards in the Senate were able to avoid a vote entirely, keeping their corruption from seeing the light of day.

Marching in lock-step the Senate quashed the vote of the House majority. They simply silenced it, for a vote condemning the oil-rich, Russian-led, Iran appeasement bill simply could not be condoned. The Senate silenced Conservatives via the safe, censorship-proof tool of the “virtual” filibuster.

Since the Civil War, factional battle lines have never been so hardened. Into this climate of faction, enter mullahimmense executive power, tyrannical courts, a corrupt media and a largey unchecked federal bureaucracy composed of political hacks. How is a filibuster rule that effectively shuts the mouths of the American people of any value whatsoever? There is nothing good about any of this and, essentially, because of the 1975 cloture rules, the congress has become a dead letter institution allowing the other branches to become overgrown and hideous. End the “virtual” filibuster now.


One senator, a Senator Murphy of Connecticut, claimed that a veto fight would have embarrassed the country. This is proof that the cloture procedure has become a cloak of cowardice, censorship, and tyranny, for Palin-Rallies-Tea-Partiers-AP-Photo-640x480while a veto fight takes fewer votes than a cloture fight the liberals want no part of it. The liberals have no desire that the voice of the people is heard by their directly elected representatives.

A veto fight is the constitutional way the executive and legislative branches are to engage. The founders never envisioned the current fights over cloture as part of the legislative process. The modernized, no-commitment, liberal cloture, the push-button filibuster, is the way of the shiftless, corrupt, and irresponsible. The vermin are hiding in its darkness.