Three Hundred Marines Stand Against a Persian Army

Three hundred marines stand against a Persian army. Like those original Spartans, if they aren’t airportbetrayed, they will win.

Those first marines from Sparta died to the last man for a divided Greek world because it was their duty. They changed the history of Western Civilization.

Today three hundred marines, surrounded by mad Muslim suicide bombers, hailing from what was once called Persia, have put their lives on the line because it’s their duty. According to Olie North, today’s brave three hundred have the enemy just where they want them. Truthfully, with the correct support, Olie is probably right. The entire army of ISIS has no chance against three hundred properly supplied US marines. History is just waiting to be written.

According to legend, the original brave 300 would have stopped Xerxes if they had not been betrayed by one Ephialtes, the son of Eurydemus, a man of Malis.Map-of-persia-2

Sadly, though, because of Mogadishu, and then Benghazi, and because of the recent shocking snub of Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, no one can assume that these marines will receive the ammunition, air support, or supplies they need.

In a final committed act of heroism, the betrayed 300 of Thermopylae died to a man and unified Greece. The high tide of Persian arms receded before the resolute West. This is not how history should be repeated. Indeed, it is not how history can be repeated. If the United States allows its internal enemies to betray these 300 Marines, it is because we are weak, cowardly, and decadent to the core of our national consciousness. That’s a history we need not see written.

Should our President go golfing or to a Vegas fund raiser this time, our military, as a unified force, had better well follow thewoods example of Tyron Woods, no matter what the personal cost. They better not stand down this time.

America would do better to fear lawless obedience to treacherous orders than the military’s courage to do what it knows to be its duty. America does not need to fear its Pattons and McCarthys any more than it needed to fear that General Washington would make himself a king. Those men were patriots.  On the other hand, America would do well to note the rise of those like Ephialtes: Benedict Arnolds, generals, and leaders who bow before foreign powers.

Update February 17, 2015

Former Navy SEAL and author of Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell tells Fox and Friends that 300 Marines are enough to retake Iraq and rid the world of ISIS. No argument here.

Update May 6, 2015

Marcus was not specifically saying that he meant the 300 marines at Ain al-Asad were the ones that would take out ISIS. He meant any 300 marines. In context, Marcus was speaking of a private military company of about 300 that he could organize to do the job:

no i didn’t say that…i said i could put together an Army of PMC’s to take out ISIS

Update March 1, 2015

Fighting continues around al-Bagdadi, the small strategic city about 10 miles east of the Ain al-Asad air base. The town itself is surrounded, but air strikes and local troops continue to contest the city itself.

Update April 17, 2015

As Islamic State radicals attacked, thousands fled Ramadi, a larger city about 70 miles southeast of the Ain al-Asad air base. There are currently no plans to remove the hundreds of marines stationed there. Ramadi itself has become a ghost town.

4 thoughts on “Three Hundred Marines Stand Against a Persian Army

  1. RadarRecon says:

    I’ll bet there are another 3,000 (ex)Marines across this country that would go there at their own expense (plus arms and ammo), and there would be no question at all that the 3,300 of them would sweep across Iraq in just a few days.

    I’d go if I were 40 years younger and could afford it. Didn’t see much action myself in Nam, but that doesn’t mean I’m not able or willing to now.

    Semper Fi, guys.

  2. FarmerJoe says:

    Anyone who’s been exposed to the likes of ISIS understand that they’re nothing but heavily armed school yard bullies. Easy to chop someones head off when you have them bound and blindfolded. Start sending them, in mass, to see Allah, and all but a hand full of hardened cases, will cry for their mommas. And the hard core few are the ones who need a slow, painful death.

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