Five Elements of Lawlessness Introduced via California’s Gay Marriage “Laws”


Accepting the Ninth Circuit Court’s rewrite of California’s constitution always was the wrong way to pursue gay marriage. Here are some reasons why:

1. The court’s rewrite is a power grab by government. Now only the government has the right to say what a marriage is…. and courts at that. Previously, a marriage was a marriage no matter what a government said.

2. The court’s rewrite contracts the definition of marriage. It doesn’t’ expand it. Gay couples are not “married.” Because the rejection of California’s constitutional amendment on marriage throws California’s law back into the disarray cause by it’s own Supreme Court’s rewrite, the court has simply denied a proper legal recognition of marriage to all. We can now only be recognized as “Party A” and “Party B.”

3. The court has ordered everyone to deceive his neighbor by using the word “marriage.” State officials are to use the word “marriage” in a manner consistent with the joining of a man and a woman when the court’s revision has stripped the word of this essential meaning.

4. The court’s rewrite of California’s laws violate basic civil liberties. These civil liberties (the right to marry for instance) should be precious to all Americans.

5. The California attorney general’s refusal to defend California’s law before the Supreme Court has become an example of lawlessness in government for even more corrupt officials in the federal government. Ultimately, fundamental elements of California law have been wrest from the people and handed over to a coup of an elitist sect with neither conscience nor heart.

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Everyone has framed this issue in ways irrelevant to the core issues. For instance,  people act as though California law now contains an amendment to its constitution that says, “Marriage is between a Man and a Woman and is also ______________________ (no one has ever filled in this blank in any national discussion of Gay Marriage)….” This is absolutely not the case. The California Court, and the Attorney General’s refusal to challenge the override of the California State Constitutional Amendment has closed the door on meaningful adoption of same-sex marriage. There is no core to California family law. It’s gone. It’s whatever the elites say at any moment.

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